Top 3 Most Creative Digital-Place-Based Holiday Campaigns

The holiday season is here! While we are still dealing with the effects of a pandemic, Christmas 2021 offers marketers a unique opportunity to use digital place-based advertising to get in front of eager shoppers. 

To help you get into the holiday spirit, here are some of the most creative digital place-based campaigns of the last few years.

Coca-Cola Christmas Countdown

In 2018 Coca-Cola released a DOOH campaign across Dublin, Ireland, where digital street furniture was leveraged  to illustrate a countdown clock in real-time that counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Christmas day. 

Swarovski Wish List

A digital interactive ad was conveniently placed in shopping centres, so customers could make a wish list through the creative. The built-in app provided a catalog of their gift products that shoppers could select from and add to their wish lists. This was a clever strategy to engage with consumers who were looking for gifts. Consumers had the chance to check out all of their new holiday products and choose the price that is comfortable for them. Shoppers can then send this wish list to loved ones to ask them to buy a Swarovski item for the holidays. 


In 2017 Tesco launched an innovative campaign designed to help shoppers in high traffic areas and malls see their best offers and easily navigate to the nearest store.By utilizing the latest digital place-based technology, they were able to provide customers the latest offers  from nearby retailers and how to get there from their current location.. The messaging was able to steer foot traffic to physical locations for impulse buys resulting in an immediate uplift in sales. 

Final Words

This holiday season be sure to create an experience that perfectly extends your brand. There’s no doubt that every brand wants to compete with you to capture the attention of customers this holiday season. Go beyond a digital ad. Give someone a reason to remember your ad, give them something to talk about, and create a lasting experience!

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