Post-Pandemic Consumer Trends & Where Place-based Advertising Fits

Executive Summary

Here’s what is coming:

  • 51% of consumers claim they’re ready to spend, but the pandemic has disrupted their loyalty.
  • Service and entertainment are poised for strong post-pandemic activity from eager consumers.
  • Digital place-based advertising is the best option for brands looking to re-engage their audiences in the real world.

Consumers are back… but for whom?

Across the globe, consumers are venturing back into the world, and they’re bringing their wallets. Whether the pandemic has officially ended or not, shoppers are anxious to return to normalcy in how they spend time with loved ones, attend live events, and shop. In fact, 51% of consumers claim they’re ready to spend, citing a desire to splurge in a bit of post-pandemic “revenge spending” spree.

That’s good news for brands, right? Well, not every brand… It seems the pandemic brought with it a wave of consumer brand disloyalty that many industry experts expect to continue. Specifically, younger Gen Z and Millennial shoppers have chosen to abandon brands they previously trusted in favour of new ones across a number of industries.

Frankly, to re-engage shoppers they desire, marketers will have to reach into their toolkits for a new approach following this pandemic.

So, what’s hot right now?

As consumers make their return to the world, a number of industries are poised to see an increase in sales. For example, service and live entertainment-based industries, are expecting large swaths of spenders (think travel, sporting events). As the world eases restrictions, consumers look forward to the return of restaurants and bars—while office workers seeking refuge can once again rejoice in their favorite pubs after a long day’s work.

Coupled with the return of leisure, consumers are just as eagerly scurrying back to dentists, doctors, gyms, and even airports—once again in need of the services, and places they enjoyed pre-pandemic.

How do you capitalize? Indoor digital place-based advertising.

So, if you’re a marketer looking for a way to engage more meaningfully with consumers, you’ve got to extend beyond the digital world to communicate your brand value and sway decision-making.
This is where indoor digital out-of-home advertising (“digital place-based advertising”) comes in.

In short, digital place-based advertising is positioned everywhere you want your campaign to be in the physical world. These smart screens will help you deliver rich creative to consumers inside distraction-free venues (like bars, medical offices, and restaurants), where your target audience can choose to engage with your campaign immediately using their smartphones.

What’s more, not only can digital place-based advertising help you get inside the very places consumers are returning to, but some partners (like Adstash) can help you do so programmatically. That means you get to target venues that contain a high concentration of your desired audience segments, during long dwell times, delivering highly engaged impressions, and for a budget you’re comfortable with.

Do you want to learn more about how to capitalize on post-pandemic consumer trends with digital place-based ads? Book a chat with us and we can help you make sense of this new buying world.


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