Indoor vs Outdoor DOOH

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  • Indoor DOOH (“digital place-based advertising”) advertising delivers rich creative to your target consumer segments inside of distraction-free venues; resulting in more efficient marketing spend.
  • Marketers take advantage of indoor DOOH by leveraging programmatic platforms that target their ideal audience profiles in real-time; ensuring their message is delivered to the right person, at the right place, at the right time.
  • Three examples of digital indoor out-of-home advertising campaigns.
  • 60,000 screens. North America wide. Connect your brands to indoor audiences at scale with Adstash.

Why Digital Indoor

What is Indoor DOOH?

Indoor DOOH advertising commonly referred to as “digital place-based advertising” has changed how brands connect with consumers. A more immersive and targetable offshoot of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, indoor DOOH gives marketers and media buyers the chance to showcase their brands messaging inside of specific venue types. (i.e Bars, restaurants, medical clinics).

Now, before you think of, having to exchange spreadsheets to buy this kind of advertising think again. With platforms like Adstash, indoor DOOH campaigns are bought and delivered like website ads—using programmatic buying platforms like Hivestack, Tradedesk, Outmove, AdQuick, etc.—making the buying process quick and seamless.

The Challenges with Outdoor DOOH (& Why Indoor is Better)

Outdoor DOOH may certainly find a place inside of your marketing mix, but compared to indoor DOOH it falls short on these key marketing measures:


The nature of OOH advertising means that your message is placed before the largest number of people in an area. As a result, your campaign is at the mercy of the demographics passing by while your ad plays. Hopefully, you’re seen by the right people, but your target customers likely only make up a fraction of the overall traffic. That means you’re spending ad dollars to advertise to the wrong consumers. Programmatic indoor DOOH is different because of the ability to buy ad space only in venues that have a high density of your target demographic. This will ultimately drive better campaign performance with a higher ROI on your ad spend.


Dwell Time

While OOH has been modernized with the use of digital screens, as mentioned above it struggles to engage with individual consumers in meaningful ways. Indoor DOOH, on the other hand, as placed inside of high dwell time venues (like private airport lounges, offices, hospitals, or luxury retailers) offers the opportunity for connecting with consumers 1-to-1 and in a language that speaks to their present situation or circumstance. (There isn’t much point of a 30-second ad when the consumer drives by your billboard in 8 seconds, is there?) And, most importantly, indoor DOOH delivers actual shoppers, not window shoppers, to help you directly influence purchase decisions.


Outdoor DOOH typically delivers more impressions than indoor DOOH, which drives the price up. But why pay for impressions you don’t want? As explained above, indoor DOOH offers a higher percentage of quality impressions (with less going to unqualified consumers) resulting in a lower price for your overall campaign.

Proof Digital Indoor Works.

We can talk all day about the merits of digital indoor, but here’s some data to back it up:

Example Digital Indoor Campaigns

If you’re not sure how indoor DOOH can work for your brand(s), here are a few ideas to get you started:

Athletic Brands

If you are searching for fitness enthusiasts, digital indoor out-of-home presents ample opportunity to engage with those consumers. You can find them using well-placed screens inside of, or at establishments adjacent to, sporting venues, gyms, and other related facilities. Should your goal be to drive sales for a specific product, you would be able to create a campaign that became more action-oriented the closer these consumers were to a purchase destination—i.e. more awareness-focused at the gym, more encouraging to visit a retail store in a nearby office building, then finally pitching a discount offer at the retail point of purchase.

Healthy Lifestyle Brands

Looking to reach new customers for your healthy lifestyle brand? With indoor DOOH, you could reach inside gyms, spas or salons to engage with on-brand consumers while their focus is on related services.

Travel Brands

If frequent travelers are who you seek, there are a plethora of opportunities to reach into the lounges, restaurants, and sitting areas of airports, as well as into bus and train stations to find like-minded customers. Your campaign could prompt consumers to engage with your offering using their mobile device to take immediate action.

Why Adstash for Digital Indoor?

If you’re looking for a digital indoor advertising partner, we would love to help you. We offer advertisers:

  • North America’s largest indoor DOOH network (over 60,000 screens coast-to-coast)
  • Diverse audience segments, from everyday shoppers to the ultra-high-HHI crowd
  • High dwell times measured in minutes, not seconds; inside of contextually relevant environments.

Our programmatic-powered network has four tiers (Point of Sale, Scale, Premium, and High Dwell Time) to suit your campaign needs. This helps you reach consumers at specific points on their buying journey or bring them from the top of your marketing funnel down to the point of purchase, all with Adstash.

We get it, choosing the right DOOH marketing mix can be tough. We’re here to help. Book a chat with us and we can help you make a more informed media buying decision.


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