AdStash API

Integrate AdStash's tech with your own to access programmatic revenue.

one integration to rule them all.

AdStash's API Connects Your Inventory To 12+ DOOH SSP's.

maximize revenue

AdStash's ai algorithms ensure you're yielding the highest profits possible.

  • Optimize Your Fill Rate for higher profits
  • Adjust price in real-time based on multiple demand sources

Keep control

Keep your existing techstack, just add AdStash's new demand partners.

  • Maintain Ad Quality through our creative approval process
  • Blacklist Ad Categories from the IAB to run your network on autopilot

Eliminate Dev Work

No more SSP integrations and maintenance, we handle it all for you.

  • Automatically access new AdStash demand partners
  • Free integrations with your existing SSP partners 
Take Your DOOH Network Programmatic
a complete guide to transforming your DOOH network

FREE GUIDE:  How to take your DOOH network programmatic

Transform your digital signage network with industry leading monetization technolgy, analytics and more.  Get your free guide to get started.

Case Study

Intrigue Media Earns 5 Figure Monthly Revenue With AdStash

AdStash's full suite of products helped this digital signage network enter the programmatic space quickly and profitably. 

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