We help businesses of all sizes earn revenue right from their digital sign.

We believe businesses should have easy access to additional revenue streams. Starting, running and maintaining a business of any size can be a challenge. Why not make it a little easier by earning extra money? Think of it as a side hustle for your business.    

That's why we're building tools to empower businesses to generate extra income, and provide exceptional value to their visitors and customers

We started with a simple idea but don't plan on stopping there.  Our new device and app help our customers transform their digital screens into revenue generating content and ad delivery systems.

Whether you're a mom and pop shop with a single TV, or a large venue with 300 digital screens, we can help you monetize those screens with minimal effort.

We're here to help businesses of all sizes monetize their digital screens-helping them generate passive income and provide value to their visitors. 

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67 Yonge St. Suite 1600
Toronto Ontario, CANADA

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