ABC’s of Programmatic Part 2 – Supply Side Platforms

Programmatic advertising is the future of digital signage monetization. As AdStash is the first ad-supported digital signage system to utilize the programmatic ecosystem, we’re intimately familiar with how it works and how you can benefit from it.

This is the second of a three-part article series that will help you understand the ABC’s (well, more like DSP’s, SSP’s, and DMP’s) of how programmatic advertising can help your signs make more money (you can read the first article here):

Supply Side Platforms – The Sales Team of Programmatic Advertising

How SSPs help you make more money

Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) are the “sales team” of DOOH programmatic advertising, automating the sale of your inventory. Seriously.

It’s like e-commerce for digital signage. No phone calls. No negotiations. No paper. It’s all automated, digital, and proven to optimize revenue.

Here’s the short version of how it all works:

  • They’re matchmakers. An SSP is software that enables (publishers/DOOH operators) to sell advertising to advertisers (via DSPs) who want to buy it.
  • Revenue Analytics. Like DSPs, SSPs provide reporting to help you understand how your inventory is performing, specifically how much revenue it is earning you.

make money from programmatic advertisingNow, for the longer story:

A Supply Side Platform, or an SSP, is software that enables publishers to automate their sales process. It allows advertising sellers to monetize their inventory to DSPs (more on them, here) without any sales calls, contract negotiations, or meetings. It’s like e-commerce for advertising.

Once your inventory is connected, the SSP starts giving DSPs access to buy it. Most SSPs also generate reports to help you understand what inventory is selling and for what price.

In addition, some SSPs implement artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms to automatically optimize your inventory’s pricing. This ensures the best possible selling price while maintaining the highest possible profit margins.

A quick example, and one of the largest SSPs in the online advertising industry, is Google’s AdSense, which monetizes websites. (Think of all the money they’re making…)

Do you want to learn more about how this all works? It won’t take more than 10-minutes to explain—just book a chat with us here.

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