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Power & monetize your digital signs for free.

what makes AdStash different?

We don't charge our users, we pay them.

no monthly fees

We provide the software required to scale a digital signage network for free and in return share programmatic ad revenue.

Earn More Revenue

Our ai powered algorithms sell ads to our programmatic partners at the best price possible.

delegate dev work

Tired of constant SSP, DSP, and DMP integrations? Don’t worry, we’ll do them for you, for free.

AdStash provides digital signage networks the technology required to scale for free, by sharing programmatic revenue.


We empower digital signage networks with industry leading tools.

"As we have grown our network to nearly 300 digital displays in over 100 sports arenas; AdStash has been a tremendous business partner.  I highly recommend AdStash as the solution for anyone looking to build a screen network.

Co-Founder & CEO - VenueX Media


Whether you want to replace your in-house CMS or your current provider's fees – you’ll want our AdServer. Our turnkey solution includes a media player, content management system, and many other features enabling reliability and profitability.

Header Bidding

Access programmatic demand on your legacy system by blending our technology together. Work with our dedicated team of adtech experts to make integration quick and seamless.


Provide advertisers industry leading audience measurement with no cameras required.

70,000+ digital signs earn revenue with adStash

Watch the case studies to see how digital signage networks are maximizing their ad revenues with AdStash

mass med media

Mass Med Media was able monetize foot traffic and wait times to generate programmatic ad revenue with AdStash.

Intrigue TV

Learn how Intrigue TV saved $30,000/year and generated $5,000/month in new incremental profit by switching to AdStash.

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